Ilee DeSoto

Hi there–thanks for stopping by– I’m Ilee, a free spirited, artistic and creative chic– who loves art, history, yoga, traveling and my family. I have three kids, a hubby, and a crazy cat. I live for road trips and sunny days. Hockey and concerts are a few of my favorite things, I’m a complete “bookworm” and love a good laugh!

I’m a green-eyed girl on a mission–to share my thoughts, ideas and inspiration with the word. I am also a Colorado Native, still living in the Mile High City of Denver, and I love it here– such great food, art, culture, and fun!

I created Foxy Lady Life as a place where my readers will find tutorials, recipes, tips, advice, reviews and inspiration for everyday life.

My readers are those who enjoy creative ideas, and those who are interested in finding ways in which useful tips might benefit their lives, anything from a recipe to a quote.

I am so happy that you stopped by,  I look forward to connecting with you further. Be sure to leave a comment and join my newsletter.
All The Best

Ilee DeSoto

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